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  • Innocent Schoolgirl Chase Ryder Enjoys Teachers Big Cock

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    You have to love a good catholic schoolgirl who asks her teacher “Is it normal to be this horny?”. Chase Ryder is one hell of a hot schoolgirl, and her study hall teacher at Innocent High pretty much thinks so too, and he delivers a book full of his cock for her to get tempted by!

    Chase Ryder is a good little girl who doesn’t think of jamming cocks down her throat too often. Unless she’s really tempted by her Study Hall teacher at Innocent High. She couldn’t get the thought of cock off her mind and we’re glad she couldn’t because it turns out Chase Ryder isn’t so innocent after all.

    Soon enough the teacher has her sucking his big cock and he returns the favor licking out her schoolgirl snatch before fucking her ever which way but loose. It’s a wild fuck scene that leaves them both tired and Chase Ryder covered in cum!

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